Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Day 13, 01 Year Trumpland: It Isn't Normal

Compromise and politics have always been a difficult job. But when Republicans met for dinner after President Obama's inauguration, the word compromise was lost from politics. Mitchy-boy proposed and enforced a determination to destroy the Obama administration. Ill' Donald has promised to erase his legacy.

That isn't normal.

Today on a national conservative talk radio program I heard this: "Fighting the left is the moral obligation that we have." This radio host, nationally know, desires conquering Americans who don't agree with him.

This isn't right.

Our President publicly encouraged the GOP leader to go "nuclear" to enforce bis personal agenda and push through his Supreme Court justice. Changing the rules destroys the power of the majority. Bear in mind that justice is outside the mainstream and there is no consensus between parties. That same justice was kept secret until Tuesday. But on Monday, Gorsuch was called by the white house from Lil' Donald. There was already a White House team there. Gorsuch went to neighbor's house, who drove him on a country farm road to a Starbucks, located in a Safeway parking lot in Boulder, CO. The White House team picked him up in secret alongside his wife. They were driven to a regional airport and flown to Andrews Air force base. They didnot stay in a hotel. They stayed with family friends in VA.

This isn't normal.

We were told by Lil' Donald he was going to drain the swamp. Instead, he filled the Foggy Bottom with the wealthiest people in American and a Secretary of State who has only had one employer, Exxon, his entire adult life. The Exxon culture was to disregard human right violations for profit. And Exxon does not have a history of diplomacy. The only way is their way.

This is immoral.

Michael Flynn, National Security,  made an unannounced appearance in the White House briefing room to put Iran on notice publicly rather than through political channels. That is a powerful threat. Are we going to be in a game of chicken with them? This is the beginning of Flynn's demonstration of "this administration's commitment to military confrontation. We've just had the opening act," according to a retired General whose known Flynn for years.

This isn't safe.

We have a president who has already issued 18 executive orders and does not work well with others, even those of his own party. There is no spirit of cooperation, or even getting information before writing the order.

That isn't wise.

A Trump task force seeking reformation of higher education has asked the President of Liberty University to rid it of micromanagement and regulations. These are the protections for students. This the training center of Christian evangelicals who previously failed to realize their dream of a Christian White House.

This is frightening for the concept of separation of church and state. It is the opening gambit of state sponsored religion.

A former state department spokeswoman said tonight that "we have politics and personality driving foreign policy of our country and the people who actually have to execute it have no idea what they're supposed to be doing".

This is incredibly dangerous.

I thought this couldn't get worse tonight. Then I saw the news that Lil' Donald has threatened to march soldiers into Mexico. And he has offend our ally, Australia who served side by side with us in Vietnam, over refusing refugees and hung up on him.

This is horrific and deadly.

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