Monday, February 6, 2017

Day 18, 01 Year Trumpland: Working in the Dark

Tonight on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow made the point that rather than allowing the Trump administration suck the life out of us with their belicose words, we would better expend our energy on what they do. I have to say that I have been thinking the same thing. Certainly, keeping up with the actions and consequenes takes more energy than I have.

And while today there are a number of things that bear comment, I am recoverying from bronchitis and chronic fatigue. So let's keep it simple.

The New York Times reported Sunday that when  Lil' Donald signed the executive order he had not been fully briefed, putting Steve Bannon on the National Security Counselor. In other words, when he signed the order on the security counsel, he had not read it. As a result, Preibus has created a 10 point check list that will require sign off from the White House Communications department. Do they really think the check list will slow the tide of executive orders or curb people like Flynn and Bannon?

Think about this for a minute. Lil' Donald is so ignornant of how our governement works that he doesn't even know what questions to ask. He knows nothing of how things are done in Washington, a point that got him votes from the midwest but has led to endangering relationships with allies and allowed him to manipulated into Steve Bannon's game.

Tonight Rachel Maddow reports National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is rewriting the daily briefing before presenting the information to the president. To paraphrase Maddow, Flynn is reading RT, the Russian propoganda rag, and was said to be seeking information that only coorlates to RT. It is through this lens that national intelligence filters.

And now The Wall Street Journal reports that supreme court nominated Gorsuch may have misrepresented his credintials. Possibly he has misrepresented his experience and what does that say about this nominee? And if he has mischaracterized something in his past can he be successful in holding the power of his office when the executive branch seems determined to become authocratic?

But sometimes we do have to talk about what Lil' Donald says. He continues to fight the judiciary branch tomorrow. Lil' Donald released a report listing 78 terror attacks that did not recieve coverage in the press. Not true according to many sources including CNN. Of course most of us already heard about Lil' Donald's defense of Putin this weekend. Now Putin is demanding an apology for being called a killer. What will be Donald's next move?

Finally, the New York Times reported that the top staff in the White House are, at times, meeting in dark rooms because they can't find the light switch. What a metaphor for this administration. Except that it's true. All the best metaphors bear truth.

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