Monday, February 13, 2017

Day 24, 01 Year, Trumpland: Miller Time

“First of all, 72 individuals, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, have been implicated in terroristic activity in the United States who hail from those seven nations, point one.” — White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Feb. 12, 2017

Steven Miller also stated unequivocally that Lil' Donald's authority on the ban "will not be questioned." Too bad, because many of us are. A lot. Stephen Miller has stated there have been 72 individuals implicated. Really? Because Washington Post very carefully analyzed this claim, breaking it down to people and charges and gave Mr Miller 3 Pinocchios out of a possible 4. Meaning that if you squint hard, there's a smidgen of accuracy and a lot of lying going on. Mr Miller needs to get his facts straight. Indeed, it's another blatant example of this administration's attempting to manipulate facts to suit the Trumpian Universe.

So let's talk about another Trumpian Alternative Fact. Miller also repeated Lil' Donald claims that voter fraud occurred because thousands were bused in from Massachusetts on Election Day to New Hampshire to vote for Hillary. But Miller gave absolutely no proof. Nevertheless, he earned a tweeted "Good job!" from Lil' Donald. Newsday also address the question of illegal immigrants voting:
Miller's claim about an "astonishing" number of non-citizens who are registered to vote is based on a study that has been disputed in academia and misrepresented in the political arena.
For those who want to wade through the article at Washington Post that discusses where Lil' Donald gets his "proof" click here. Frankly, he picks sources according to who agrees with him. He sends people on his administration onto the stage of television and enjoys the drama it creates. If we look at voter fraud, we don't look at what he is really doing. And voter fraud allows Lil' Donald a narrative that saves his over inflated ego.

At the end of the day, all we can do is watch what this administration does, not what they say. And always remember the stunning number of unethical choices Lil' Donald already has publicly made such as the lack of tax returns, blaming voter fraud for the loss of the popular vote, and claiming to be such a supporter of business women but not putting them equally on his cabinet as our Canadian neighbor does. Oh, don't forget the money he is earning from being president on his business and investments because he doesn't follow the same rules as everyone else to prevent ethical violations. There is your best predictor.

Indeed, when we take a step back, the truth is that we can debunk, and we can chase details, and they can throw out half truths and alternative facts, and and they can take refuge that conflicts of interest does not apply the president, and we talk about the emoluments clause *wink, wink*, but when the dust settles, these all individuals who care nothing about ethics. They care nothing about government or the people of the United States. They are there for their own power, greed, lust and self-aggrandizement any way they can get it. They do not care who they treat with or what they do to achieve not a government, but their own selfish means.

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