Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Day 25, 01 Year: Trumpland: Corruption Continues

Meanwhile, Lil' Donald and Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence committee, have identified their concern regarding "illegal leaking" as the thing they're most worried about, yet Lil' Donald vowed to stop the secrecy and elitism  in Washington. Let's be honest. They are just pissed that the leaks narked out General Flynn and Lil' Donald's own culpability. The leaking doesn't create a story; it reveals it," according Chris Matthews. I agree. Indeed, if they can focus on the leaks, they can avoid attention on their own behavior.

Lindsay Graham pointed out that is ridiculous to think Flynn established this cordial relationship with Russia without Lil' Donald knowing what he's doing. The double standard that is going on is crazy. Jason Chevez, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, issued 70 subpoena after it was determined that there was no criminal activity going on with Clinton's email servers. We know that with the DNC leaks, Russia affected the results of the election. Flynn was on the phone talking about sanctions. We have enough evidence of a relationship between this administration and Russia. We need an investigation now.

Mitchy Boy wants to look at these connections between Russia and this administration in the Intelligence Committee in the Senate so he can keep everything quiet. Maybe look the other way. Hmmm.... His wife was amply rewarded with an appointment.

Russia is making it clear, since Lil' Donald went off script this weekend and said that he stands behind Japan 100%, that they are not happy. They have positioned a spy submarine off the coast of Delaware. They carried out flights near a Navy warship.  Now they have launched a ground launched missile, which violates treaty. So how long until Russia releases WickiLeaks on Lil' Donald? It should have been careful who got he got in bed with. Putin's a jealous lover and this bromance maybe in trouble.

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