Thursday, February 16, 2017

Day 27,01 Year Trumpland: Sound and Fury

Did you hear about today's press conference at the White House? It was the epitome of a sound and fury, signifying nothing.

He got his wish. He got another cover on Time. His response is that this
administration is running like a "fine tuned machine." Snort, I say. 
First, as a therapist I want to teach Lil' Donald how to make "I statements" because "you people" is so offensive. But let's be honest. Insults are the point. If he can create a world of "you people" then everything "you people" say becomes suspect, fake news. Consequently, when you say that I've done something wrong, "we" all know "you people" lie. Here's an example:
“Here’s the problem: The public, they read newspapers, they see television, but they don’t know if it’s true or false, because they’re not involved ... I’m involved. I’ve been involved with this stuff all my life. But I’m involved, so I know when you’re telling the truth and when you’re not.”
He's been involved in what all of his life? Certainly not the study of economics if he had to Mike Flynn at 3:00 AM to find out which is better, a strong dollar or a weak dollar. Certainly not politics as he has never held an office. Certainly not finance given his record of bankruptcies and determination to bankrupt this nation on a wall. Certainly not public speaking since he cannot stay on topic or stop attacking people verbally. Or speak above the level of a sixth grade education. Certainly not constitutional law as he has no clue as to how write legislation or make sure his executive orders are well written. Certainly not the language arts as he can't spell check his way out of a paper bag.

Indeed, (please forgive me, Dillon Thomas), Lil' Donald only seems to "rage, rage, against the dying of the light." Perhaps he'd do better to sit down and shut up till he has something presidential to say.

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