Friday, February 17, 2017

Day 28, 01 Year, Trumpland: Divided We Fall

Rachel Maddow has recapped the threats to the free press a number of times, but I'm going to summerize what she had to say tonight. Please understand, the threat to the free press is real. If you don't want the state sponsored equivalent of RT in Russia, pay attention.

Hulk Hogan was caught in bed with someone else's wife and reported on GAWKER in 2012. GAWKER had a rich, vindictive, billionaire enemy by the name of  Peter Theil paid for the lawyer who represented Hogan. The point was not the $140 million verdict. The lawsuit was structured to put the newspaper out of business. And it worked. It disappeared the publication when GAWKER went bankrupt. It only took $10,000 in lawyer fee for the win.

Last year Peter Theil spoke at the Republican National Convention on behalf of Lil' Donald. He helped staff the new administration and organize tech meetings for the tech community and Lil' Donald. Moreover, he gave Lil' Donald a noteworthy gift: his lawyer Charles Harter, who is now representing the First Lady of the United States. The blogger and the newspaper The Daily Mail issued retractions and apologies to Melania. The blogger settled. She personally showed up in a routine scheduling conference to show she was serious about the lawsuit.

Lil' Donald's attack on mainstream media, as well as the elevation of Christian conservative blogs in the White House press room, is alarming. Today, after that crazy 78 minute attack level press conference, Lil' Donald tweeted this;
Originally the word "sick" was at the end. The original tweet was deleted, and this is the retweet.

The White House has started giving press credentials in the White House briefing room to "random, pro-Trump blogs" as reported by Maddow. Indeed,  Lil' Donald is waging war on the press. Jared Kushner summoned a Time Warner executive to complain about political coverage on CNN. Remember CNN has a pending merger with AT&T and, during the campaign, Lil' Donald said it would never be approved because he doesn't like their commentary. Or how about how White House correspondent April Ryan was treated during the briefing yesterday? It makes Saturday night live look tame.

But what happens when Lil' Donald starts making mainstream news disappear? Make no mistake about it. Lil' Donald is consolidating power, preparing to dismantle various cabinets like the EPA, and discrediting media. And have you wondered about all of these members of Congress that are refusing to meet with constituency? Maybe they know why it will be unnecessary to their reelection?

Once Lil' Donald controls the dissemination of news, we won't know the truth. Worse, he said in yesterday's press conference that he's only representing the interests of Republican people. He has no obligation, to his mind, of all citizens. The words for this is either you are for me or you are against me. He's thinking that these highly gerrymandered districts, in order for these representatives to win their next election, must be on side side. It won't be long, if Lil' Donald has his way, that will live in Trumpland for real.

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