Saturday, February 25, 2017

Day 36, 01 Year Trumpland: Attacks on the Press

The first amendment has been turned on it's head and manipulated by a man who has been elected president to further his agenda and actually repress free speech. Lil' Donald has declared war on the press. It's going to get ugly, folks.

I'm writing this on Saturday night because I could not bring myself to write it last night. I am aghast at Lil' Donald's behavior.  But then, what do you do with a narcissist. When  President Obama cracked a joke at Lil' Donald's expense he was not amused:

Most big boys laugh along and shrug it off. Lil' Donald took it personally. So today he announced he would not be attending the White House correspondent's dinner. Yet another purposeful insult directed at the press who refuse to look the other way from his ethical malfeasance:

Lil' Donald's behavior toward the press is that of a petulant child who stayed up too late. Unfortunatly, his behavior is interfering with the work of many reporters.

Until Lil' Donald started his campaign to destroy the media, I never thought much about the role of the press. I certainly had not understood, how outside the political processs, that their role of investigation keeps the dishonest a little more honest. And since Lil' Donald has no ethics, he also has no patience for "the fourth branch of government" - as the press is often unofficially named - who have the power to destroy him. Hence, he must destroy them first.

For the first time, yesterday correspondants were denied access to the White House briefing. Indeed, reporters who were not on the list of attendees were turned away. Those who were turned away included New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Politico, Buzzfeed, The Daily Mail, CNN, BBC and The Guardian. The AP and Times Magazine refused to attend when they realized what was going on.

Right-wing favorites who were invited to the "gaggle" included Brietbart, The Washington Times, and On America Network.

No  organization has ever been denied access to the White House because the president didn't like what they said, until now. It's a dangerous precedent. I worry because many news organizations dismiss this attack as a smoke screen for the things this administration is doing. I agree. But I think there's also a deeper purpose.

A couple days ago Lil' Donald again went off about "fake news". He said the press should have to publish their sources, and the stories would dry up because there are no sources. Make no mistake about it. Patriots work in the various agencies. Their leaks are what gets the news to the pubic when those patriots are conerned for the well-being of our country. The reason courts don't even force journalists to reveal their sources is simple. Those sources risk their reputation, their jobs, even their lives by giving information to the press. Those leaks that Lil' Donald hates keep him from acting with impunity. But if he investigates and prosecutes those leaks; if he can control the press, then Lil' Donald and his merry band of ologarchs can gut this country's resources, bankrupt her coffers, and leave the rest of us to suffer. It's already happening.

Li'l Donald calls the media the lying press, the dishonest media.
So did someone else.
Hitler called the press the “L├╝genpresse"...the Lying Press.
Lil' Donald's followers literally have screamed the term “L├╝genpresse" at rallies, knowing full well where it came from.

And when Hitler came to power, almost his first act was to destoy the press, root and branch, murdering journalists, and ending the check and balence of a free press and freedom of speech.

Lil' Donald longs to do the same.
You can see it in his eyes.

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