Sunday, March 5, 2017

Day 44 Trumpland: Disgraceful

President Obama's administration was totally free of scandal. His nickname was no drama Obama. Certainly, he is human and occassionally took the press to task, or grew impatient with ineptitude. Nevertheless, he set the bar for the behavior of a presient that all successors should aspire to. Which make Lil' Donald's recent tweets outragous, disrespectful, and disguesting. Indeed, there is absolutely no shred of proof for Lil' Donald's accusations:

As a family systems therapist, one of the things I've been professionally trained to do is look for patterns. Now let's be honest. You don't need my training to recognize Lil' Donald's patterns. As Jake Tapper called it on Meet the Press: "jaw dropping and completely unproven accusations." Any time Lil' Donald says something outragous, he wants you to look here so you don't look there, and see what he's done. Moreover, his accusations, the more outrageous the more telling, are always of the very sins that he has committed. So who has he been wire tapping?
The story continues in a White House statement: President Donald J. Trump is requesting that as part of their investigation into Russian activity, the congressional intelligence committees exercise their oversight authority to determine wether the executive branch investigative powers were abused in 2016. Neither the White House nor the President will comment further until such oversight is conducted.
Just how stupid do they think the American public are? The Obama administration sowed the seeds of Lil' Donald's illegal behavior throughout 17 government bureaus in order to protect the information and guarantee he couldn't just make it disappear. Lil' Donald is starting to sweat as those who hold secrets that threaten out national security are starting come out. Those secrets are being "leaked" to get around an administration that wants to turn our government into a kleptocracy and Lil' Donald, the would-be dictator, is furious.

Furthermore, if the Feds wiretapped Lil' Donald, they must have obtained a FICA warrent first. Which means they had sufficient proof of wrong doing to obtain said warrant. Indeed, the BBC in January reported that the 
Justice Department sought a FISA warrent in June to intercept communications from two Russian banks suspected of facilitation donations to the Trump campaign. The judge reportedly rejected the warrant, as well as a narrower version sought in July. A new judge granted the order in mid-October.
 Morover, once again Lil' Donald's ignorance is showing. The order for a FISA warrent doesn't come from the executive branch, but from the courts. And courts operate independently. Furthermore, you can't tap the phone of a political candidate for political purposes. You can only tap the phones of a foreign power. And if that foreign power is speaking to an American, you better hang up, unless you have a warrent. Which is why Michael Flynn is likely under investigation. Without a warrent in place, he likely would still have his job.

Understand that Federal authorities cannot simply tap the phone of a political candidate on the 58th floor of Trump Tower. They have to be able to demonstrate not just probable cause, but also that the phone is undermining American interests. The obvious conclusion, that Lil' Donald has stupidly given away, is that his phone demonstrated a clear danger to American interests. And it's not Mr Obama who has a problem.

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