Sunday, March 12, 2017

Day 51 Trumpland: Saturday Night Massacre

Sorry for my online absence. My computer suddenly shut down while I was working and I had to ship it to California for repairs. It's been two weeks, and I posted a few times with my pad; that is, at best difficult. Then I cracked its screen at work and it only functions with a mouse. Touchscreens are awkward when that happens. Happily, I ordered an inexpensive Dell this week to get me through. When I receive my computer back, I'll have one for home and one at work.

In the meantime, we've missed a lot. Let's just look at a weekend crisis. One of many, likely, but this one really got my attention.

First a little history. (My thanks to AM Joy this morning for info; I'm just providing a synopsis here.) You recall that Lil' Donald fired his acting Attorney General Sally Yates following the travel ban disaster because she refused to enforce it. The media called it The Monday Night Massacre, recalling Watergate and the night of October 20, 1973 when the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General resigned in protests. They refused Richard Nixon's order to fire the Special Prosecutor looking into the Watergate break in. Those protests and Nixon's abolishing of the Special Prosecutor's office afterward became known as the Saturday Night Massacre.

Lil' Donald had already fired two dozen career and political appointees at the State Department. Last week, Lil' Donald loyalists made the rounds of cable TV calling for the purge of Obama appointees anywhere in government. Indeed, anything short of absolute loyalty to Lil' Donald, according to these loyalists, should be fired. Joy didn't mention it, but take a look at Youtube and you'll see Christian Conservative groups calling for a purge five weeks ago. Played right into Steven Bannon and Lil' Donald's power hungry hands. It's all nebulous right now, absolutely no proof, but I strongly suspect Bannon started sowing those seeds behind the scenes immediately after the election.

Fox News Sean Hannity started the outcry on Thursday in mainstream media. "For weeks we've been warning you about the deep state of the Obama held-over bureaucrats who are hell bent on destroying this President":

Now Lil' Donald has demanded the  resignation of every US attorney who was an appointee of the Obama Administration. It is not the first time a President has taken such action. Hannity argues leaks plague the administration and must be stopped. Rep Hunter called these patriots "seditious" because he believes they are trying to take this president down from the inside. He's right about the second half.

Congressman King on Friday on MSNBC also suggested a purge of "any staffer who previously worked for the Obama administration." He clarified his intent in the use of word purge: "I will use the word purge...I think that needs to happen. I think it's a descriptive word that fits well in the English language."

Saturday night Atty General Jeff Sessions demanded those resignations, "but one refused to go quietly." On Saturday night, Lil' Donald fired Preet Bharara. He's known for taking down corruption. In November Lil' Donald asked him to stay on. Sessions repeated that request a week ago. But now he's gone:

At the time he was forced out, Bharara was working on a number of significant cases:
  • Russian money laundering
  • Fox News
  • Turkish corruption scandal
  • Trump Tower was in his jurisdiction
  • Dinesh D'Souza, campaign finance fraud
  • Possible criminal tax investigation into Lil' Donald
People who are risking their careers and their futures for the sake of this country are not seditious, they are patriots who believe Lil' Donald's connections to Russia threaten this country on the deepest level.

Furthermore, Congress shows no sign of investigating Lil' Donald's violations of the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Four days ago, NPR reports, ethics watchdogs requested U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara to investigate. Noah  Bookbinder, executive director of Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington, which sued Trump in January wrote the following to Barara:
A failure by your office to investigate these reports and to take appropriate action will leave the nation exposed to foreign governments directly and indirectly providing payments and financial benefits to President Trump when those foreign governments may be seeking to influence Executive Branch policies and positions. This is precisely the kind of problem that the Founding Fathers acted to prevent by including the Foreign Emoluments Clause in the Constitution.
Lil' Donald likes chaos, unpredictability, and control. Indeed, chaos and unpredictability means no one has any control but himself. Make no mistake about this. He's gutting the CIA. Ambassadors have been fired. There's no one at home at the State Department. He's firing district attorneys who might slow his plans or reveal his past. Moreover, he has not appointed people to these leadership positions. Please don't underestimate these actions. They are intentional.

Ironically, it was Jerry Springer who was a guest on AM Joy this morning who voiced my own thoughts. Perhaps he is one of the few who can speak openly about what he sees. Perhaps it is his insight into drama, chaos and setups from the era of his show to say what the news people are hinting at. They are still responsible to producers wary of lawsuits and Lil' Donald's power. Springer is an old hand at tabloid dirty tricks and had the follow comments.

First, let me borrow again from AM Joy, to set this up. Lil' Donald believes the "fake news" is the enemy of the people. He prefers to get his news from sources like World Net Daily, the sight that was a proponent of the birth movement whose columnist Kirk Ellis who Lil' Donald hired to work in the labor department. The CEO of the National Enquirer is one of the few people known to be a friend of Lil' Donald. Newsmax is said by Lil' Donald to have "a track to his very good brain." Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, Breitbart. Harvey Levin, founder of TMZ, was summoned to the White House for hour long tour that included a tour of the Lincoln bedroom. Joy pointed out Veterans groups not only didn't get the tours last week, but Lil' Donald didn't even show up.

Remember Lil' Donald isn't a ideologue. That title falls to Bannon. Now Springer. Who started out pointing out that Bannon wants to ...
delegitimize mainstream America. Bannon wants to do away with a multicultural America and the institutions that protect a multicultural America, other than the courts, are the free media, the press...The conflict, on the other hand, is that Trump can't exist unless his name is in print...Trump needs to see his name every single day. [Hence, tabloids-truncating here.] Bannon and Trump aren't on the same page. Bannon has a philosophical do away with a multicultural America. he wants America to be basically be Christian and white. So keep out the Mexicans. Keep out the Muslims, etc. The only left to make sure we keep a multicultural society are the courts and the media. And that's why they go after the courts and the media all the time...Therefore he goes to things he can control, that's the tabloid journalism or the twitter account. So Trump gets his drug and Bannon gets the goal of doing away with mainstream media.
The Bannon people and methodically dismantling the state. Get rid of the courts and the press, and you can do anything. Include become a dictatorship like Putin runs. There's a pattern to the chaos and destruction. When there seems to be no path, no reason, no logic? Follow the money to ultimate conclusion.

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