Monday, March 13, 2017

Day 52 Trumpland: Fakery

Without proof, Lil' Donald has made an accusation that President Obama wire tapped him at Trump Tower. Lil' Donald surrogates know full well he is full of s***, but their love of their new found prestige, power and paycheck allows them to override any ethical breaches on the part of the man in office. Yet their credibility has likewise become compromised in only a few short weeks.

Indeed, Morning Joe on MSNBC "absolutely will not" in their words have KellyAnne Conway on their show again. This is not cowardice, it's total disgust. MSNBC will no longer tolerate the ridiculous statements that come out of this woman's mouth, nor give her a platform for her lies. I totally agree with their position.

Conway made a fool out of herself attempting to stand up for Lil' Donald on The Bergen Record yesterday where she was asked about surveillance at Trump Tower. Note she was asked a specific question, which she admittedly answered with a much broader response:

"You can surveil someone through phone, tv or microwave," she says. But when cornered, this is what she had to say:

"I have no evidence and that has nothing to do with what the president said last week." Really? REALLY? And this is the counselor to the president. What the president (not my president) said last week was very clear:

Lil' Donald very clearly accused President Obama of placing a wire tap on his phones at Trump Tower. There it is, very clear, in black and white. But this is Lil' Donald, and in Trumpland, up is down.

The White was supposed to hand over any proof of this allegation of wire tapping today but there's no proof for what he said. The FBI director and the former director of National Intelligence have said it is not true. There is no proof. Lil' Donald lives in a fake reality where he thinks he can say anything he wants and there are no consequences. Worse, when Lil' Donald makes these statements, it's gospel to his support base.

By the way, Senator John McCain is not real patient with Lil' Donald's bad behavior. He called out Lil' Donald on taking the provision for weapons to Ukraine after being invaded by Russia taken out of the platform. He also believes President Obama deserves an apology from the false claims wire tapping of Trump Tower. Here's what he had to say this weekend:

There obviously will be no apology from Lil' Donald. He wants to humiliate and embarrass President Obama because he knows he doesn't deserve, and cannot fill, President Obama's shoes. So rather than doing the right thing, he sent Sean Spicer out to do his dirty work while he watched. So this afternoon Sean Spicer gave a press conference that should make him ashamed. The man should have resigned before saying these things:

In case you don't care to listen to this ridiculous farce, Spicer stated that when Lil' Donald said wire tap he didn't mean wire tap. "I think there's no question that the Obama administration, that there were actions about surveillance and other activities that occurred in the 2016 election," Spicer said. "The President used the word wiretaps in quotes to mean, broadly, surveillance and other activities." Yeah. Right...This is the same man that a week ago said the tweet "speaks for itself" and refused to make any further comment.

We need to be thinking about why that is true and what are the possible consequences. Lil' Donald accused the previous president of a felony. Lil' Donald could have cleared this up with a phone call. He obviously had more to gain if he did not. The question is why?

Words have meaning. The voice of the president should be clear, measured, and calm in public. Otherwise, people with red buttons might misunderstand. Lil' Donald is absolutely unfit to be president. We have to accept that he is an idiot, and that the frequent walkbacks happen because our country foolishly elected him. Other countries do not. And Lil' Donald's tweets can get our country into a war. Men in our services can die because he is not a fit president.

Lil' Donald must be stopped.

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