Monday, March 20, 2017

Day 59 Trumpland: Frayed around the Edges

Director of FBI James Comey was the "guest" of Congress today for five and half hours as he testified to possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The FBI has confirmed a counter intelligence investigation into the Russian attack of our election and possible coordination between Russia and the campaign. The investigation started mid July last year. Moreover, it seems that the Russians release the first round of stolen documents themselves. The documents were difficult to distill and navigate. The second round through Wicki had some sort of intermediary.

Let's make this clear. The president of the United States' campaign is under investigation for colluding with the Russian government. It was so serious, that President Obama, before leaving office, sowed the seeds of proof across 17 agencies to protect the information  from Lil' Donald, whose career is invested in making that information disappear.

There's another part of this testimony today that bears noting. The director of the FBI addressed Congress about a tweet. Let me repeat. A TWEET. It was sent at 6:30 in the morning likely after another night of no sleep, Lil' Donald tweeted "Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my "wires tapped" in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This McCarthyism!" Mr Comey stated "I have no information that supports those tweets." He expanded that answer a bit, all a denial.

Ordinarily, Republicans in Congress will go to any length to defend the President. Not today. They couldn't defend this tweet, while, in another room, another committee was investigating Michael Flynn. In that committee, Republicans spent the entire time condemning the leaks and throwing out random names of former Obama administration officials. Not once did they ask why Lil' Donald did nothing for two weeks after Michael Flynn's lie came out. Let me say that again. They condemned the press for leaking the truth about Flynn, but didn't ask questions about his actions. They knew they couldn't actually defend Lil' Donald's tweets so they went on attack about the leaks

It may be too soon to say that the Trump presidency is unraveling. But we are only 59 days into this presidency, and Congress is investigating Russian ties in one room and tweets in another, all leading back to the unqualified, dangerous man who was elected leader of our nation. I think it's safe to say the edges of this administration are badly frayed, and I only pray it all comes apart quickly enough to save our Democracy.

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