Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Day 67 Trumpland: An Act of War

The outrage pours out across the news, at least the liberal leaning news, that a foreign actor interfered with our core American principal of a free election. Pundants on MSNBC speak constantly of
Devin Nunes, the head of the House Intelligence Committee, who is under increasing pressure by both parties, questioning if he has any business investigating anything to do with the White House.

Despite these questions, Mr Nunes tries to downplay the importance of these questions, saying this this morning that "The investigation continues. We've had an investigation into Russia for many, many years." As if the committee he currently heads is just business as usual, and not investigaating the role of Russia in our elections, or even if Russia controls our current governmental leaders.

Reports asked if Mr Nunes if  he would recuse himself in this investigation, and he ignored the question. Pointedly. This following Devin Nunes going to the White House ground, according to CNN:
It has been something of a mystery, the whereabouts of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes on the day before his announcement that he saw information suggesting that communications of then-President-elect Donald Trump and his advisers may have been swept up in surveillance of other foreign nationals.
Running to the White House ground and the executive branch, while an investigation run by Mr Nunes of the executive branch, is at the very least, suspect. The nice thing about writing a blog rather the reporting the news is that I get to state the obvious. Not only should Mr Nunes recuse himself, but he should be prosecuted. He has not reported what he learned on that little field trip to the rest of the investigative committee. And covering for Lil' Donald makes him as guilty as the rest of them bedding the Russians.

Furthermore, why did Mr Nunes cancel the House Intelligence committee public hearing in which Sally Yates asked to give her testimony today? Indeed, last Friday when Mr Nunes cancelled that hearing, Ms Yates' lawyer sent a letter to the White House saying they were going to give information about potential opportunities for blackmail of Michael Flynn. There is no credibility in the House Investigation. None.

Let's restate what has happended. The House Intelligence Committee is investigating Russian interference in the US election. Part of that involves the White House. James Comey acknowledged they are investigating contact between Russians and the Trump campaign. Then Nunes goes to the White House grounds to review intelligence from an unnamed source not shared with either Democrats or Paul Ryan (speaker of the House), then announces that there is incidental collection of intelligence on the Trump campaign, the Trump transition, which seems to lend credence to the Lil' Donald's claim that President Obama wire tapped him. FBI Director Comey and the NSA director had already put that issue to rest in a public hearing.

It is obvious to those of us leaning on our armchairs and pounding the arms, that the Russians did not begin their infiltration into our government last summer. Preparations for Russian manipulation of our elections has gone on for years. And we are going to find a number of dirty politicians, largely Republican, if investigations go to their conclusions.

Yesterday, Dick Chaney (Republican) said it is "No question" that Russia meddled in the US election, and it could be "an act of war." Understand, our government is now staffed with people who are the direction of a foreign country. That is a terrifying thought.

In the meantime, Lil' Donald needs to shut the fuck up. His tweets are not funny. Yesterday he claimed the Russian probe is a hoax and tried to once again use the Clintons to hid behind. His attempts to tweet storm this horrific situation away will fail miserably is only made worse by each 140 characters.

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